Initiative for Social Change and Action (ISCA) is a national level multi-disciplinary research, social action and development facilitative organisation, set up by eminent educationists, juristic scientists, area specialists, environmentalists, development experts, social scientists, social workers, entrepreneures, literateurs and cultural personalities to initiate, coordinate and promote systematic micro-studies and field action programmes on various issues pertaining to human rights, social and economic inequality aspects and sustenance of natural and ecological equalibrium in different regions of the country.

The activities focus on research, awareness generation and field action programmes connected with society, social and cultural environment, biodiversity, regional development, human resources, history and culture, art and literature, social structures, economics and human rights, etc. The main aim of the society is to work conscientiously for the commom cause for creating mass awareness about human rights, social justice, gender and class inequity, peaceful coexistence, tolerance, demand for due entitlements, community living and co-existence, human–earth relationships, appreciation of nature and its preservation and other behavioral aspects. The objective is to make a scientific appraisal of the issues confronting the country and to make specific policy-oriented studies and action programmes in the field areas. These goals will be achieved through need-based recommendations as a means to promote human, educational, scientific and economic advancement of the people of the country besides preserving and enriching their ethno-cultural, religious, literary and historical heritage.



  • Create awareness through various initiatives such as research, dialogue, lobbying, advocacy and discussions regarding the social realities, values, organizations and trends in Indian societies.

  • Mobilize society for raising awareness on their entitlements through education, advocacy, information dissemination and campaigns.

  • Build awareness of the society for demanding accountability from the government through imparting appropriate knowledge of their entitlements.

  • Make local self-governance informative and responsive to the society through expression of needs and requirements of the society. 

  • Create responsible attitudes among the civil society, NGOs, government organizations, Panchayati Raj Institutions for dynamic and positive change in social and cultural values in society and take appropriate action in the direction of positive social change;

  • Promote research related to equity, equality, ethical values that sustain quality of life, 

  • Disseminate information on human values related to children, women, aged and other marginal sections of society in particular;

  • Undertake in association with recognized agencies and relevant Government departments programmes for improving the living conditions, both material as well as mental, of all categories of persons without regard to their gender, rank or personal beliefs;



  • Education for All especially for marginalised and vulnerable groups

  • Mass awareness and mobilization for augumenting peoples demand for due entitlements.

  • Training Programmes for teachers, Social workers and marginalised and  women entrepreauners.

  • Jurisprudence and Human Rights

  • Women’s Rights 

  • Work Ethics

  • Action Programmes for Posotive Social Change

  • Responsible Attitude of Civil Societies and Panchayati Raj Institutions for Government Accountability.

  • Communal Harmony

  • Promoting Research related to Gender and Social equity




Office Bearers

• Prof. C. J. Daswani, President

• Prof. Bupinder Zutshi , General Secretary

• Mr. Ashok Choubey, Vice- President

• Dr. Pramod Kumar Sharma, Treasurer



• Prof. Mondira Dutta

• Prof. Tilottma Daswani

• Prof. Rekha Choudhary

• Dr. Someta Das

• Mr. Ashis Dey

• Prof. Anuradha Banerjee

• Ms. Pranjal Arora

• Ms. Wendy Blanpied